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“Karolyn has been excellent to work with. I've heard many horror stories from authors working with editors and I can say Karolyn has been a pleasure. I will definitely be hiring her again in the future.” -Steve C., US, 2019


“Easy to work with and prompt as promised! Will work with again.” -John, US, 2019

“Money well spent. I am so pleased with the feedback, editing and process. I will definitely buy again and highly recommend Karolyn H. Thank you!” –Abigail C., US, 2018


“5 stars as always. This is the second experience with her. She is expert, professional, and honest. I loved working with her. Good luck Karolyn.” -W. Alruwaili, US, 2018


Is your book ready for self‑publishing? My featured solution to prepare your fiction and nonfiction titles for self‑publishing is a complete Book Overhaul. I also offer website content editing.

Complete Book Overhaul (copyediting and line editing service):

  • Nonfiction books: Feedback about any issues related to tone, audience, details, logical order, clarity, consistency, structure, transitions and overall impression.
  • Fiction books: Feedback about any issues related to characterization, plot, pacing, setting, dialogue, transitions, craft, and overall impression.
  • Copyediting: spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization, pronouns, spacing, verb-tense and basic formatting consistency.
  • Line editing: eliminating redundancy and extraneous words and phrases, adjusting sentence and paragraph structure, rewriting run-on sentences, replacing overused words with synonyms, and substituting stronger alternatives for weak words, phrases, and sentences while keeping original tone; related topic and term research, fact-checking
  • EBook formatting: indents, spacing, paragraphs, alignment, bulleted lists, hyperlinks, styles, sections. (included with Overhaul)
  • Printed book formatting: headers, footers, margins, page numbers, sections, styles. (addtnl. service, not inc. with Overhaul)
  • Adding front and back matter: title page, copyright page, dedication, epigraph, table of contents, foreword, preface, acknowledgements, introduction, prologue, epilogue, about the author page, references, appendix, index.
  • Writing or editing description for book cover or Amazon listing.

Book images (up to 6)

grayscale and dpi conversion (printed); resizing (eBook)

Website content editing:

Business, informational, e-commerce, blogs

Copyediting and line editing English website content including page text, text in rotating images, pop-up menu and comment text, background text, and link titles.


from my
home office
or on
the go


Services NOT provided:

publication, content creation, ghostwriting, book cover design, website design and creation, site coding, SEO.

Karolyn's Story

Are you looking for the right person to prepare and perfect your book for self‑publishing? Request a Quote from me today. -- Karolyn H

My passion is to enable clients to communicate their words and ideas in the most appealing way. I have a solid background in editing and proofreading and enjoy helping clients refine and sharpen their content for publication or personal satisfaction.

I am an editor, current and former small business owner, undergraduate holding a two-year degree, blog writer, avid reader, and native English speaker, with over 20 years of related business, academic and personal experience.

My love for language and editing began in high school as a quiet teenager who frequently offered to help close friends, including an ESL student, proofread and polish their papers. As a voracious reader from childhood, I spent a lot of time at the library and read mysteries, westerns, science fiction and encyclopedias for fun.

One of the first professional employment positions I held was as Executive Secretary for the Shoreline Chamber of Commerce in Seattle, WA. Duties included proofing and editing monthly newsletters (in print!), office letters, board member minutes, networking business packets, and writing emails and replies to clients requesting information about the area.

While my son was in elementary and middle school, I volunteered my services as a web administrator for a school website for two years. I also attended a business computer training vocational school from which I received a Certificate for Integrated Computer Applications.

Later, I received an Associate Degree from Olympic College, focusing my study on English, writing and literature, and philosophy. I throughly enjoyed writing college essays on most subjects and excelled in this area.

Subsequent employment included administrative positions for utility companies, and state and county departments. All utilized and enhanced my proofreading, writing, editing and written communication skills.

Concurrently, I started and managed two small businesses: a retail collectibles store and a store for specialty crocheted items. I created, wrote all content for and managed websites for both businesses for several years.
A short time travelling overseas cultivated the desire already present within me to foster and enhance the expression of ideas and narratives between people of any background. I've studied a few foreign languages to varying degrees not only because of this desire to elevate communication, but also due to my fascination with the nuances of language and how the many parts fit together.

My freelance editing business was born while traveling the U.S. as a passenger on an 18-wheeler for several months in the spring of 2015. The business has since evolved and expanded through a variety of avenues. Projects that I work on have been narrowed down from a huge assortment of novellas, speeches, blogs, manuals, spreadsheets, dissertations, and more, to my primary interest: books and websites.

I have lived in the Olympia area of Washington State for five years and enjoy the convenience as well as proximity to the surrounding beauty of parks and mountains. Favorite pastimes when I'm not working for clients include: camping, finding live music, crocheting, blogging, coffee with friends, in-depth business discussions with my adult son, and reading mysteries, scifi, and books about nutrition.


Answers to frequently asked questions

  • Is my book ready for self‑publishing?
    Review the 9 key elements of a publication-ready book.
  • How can I hire you?
    Please use the contact form below to Request a Quote
  • What education or training have you received that relates to your work?
    I have over 20 years of experience in editing acquired through various business administrative positions, college course writing and training, website creation and management, and personal use. Please read My Story to learn more about my professional and editing background.
  • What types of clients do you work with?
    I’ve worked with novelists, blog writers, small business owners, non-profit organizations, administrators, college professors, and many other clients.
  • Do you have any advice for new clients?
    Contact me as early as possible to ensure that I will be available to work on your project within your desired timeframe, allowing time for discussion and revisions. Know the total word count or at least the page count. Throughout the project, be prepared to respond to questions I may have for you in a timely manner to prevent delays. Additional details can be found in my Terms and Conditions.
  • Can I hire you to write new content or to ghostwrite?
    I do not provide new content writing for books or websites, essay writing or ghostwriting. However, editing often involves reworking phrases and sentences when necessary.
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    Accepted payment methods include debit, credit and PayPal. All payments are processed securely through PayPal (account not required). After discussing terms for your project, I will email you an invoice through PayPal. Additional details can be found in my Terms and Conditions.
  • I have a general question or comment not addressed on your site.
    Please use the contact form below.


Tell me about your project and request a quote using the form below. I’d be happy to provide a complimentary editing sample (800 words) if you’d like. I look forward to talking with you!

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