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The first element specifically applies to fiction titles. Nonfiction titles are addressed with the second element.

Element #1 of a book that is ready for self‑publishing:

[ Characters and plot are well developed ]

This means that character motivations, feelings, and relationships are clear and believable. This can be accomplished through background information related to past events or actions or family dynamics, and descriptions of characters’ physical appearance and demeanor.

Another factor to consider is whether the spoken and inner dialogue helps to define each character’s traits and motivations and truly brings each person to life in the reader’s mind.

In a well-developed plot, the main conflicts are explored from different perspectives, and even surprising events are believable based on the provided environment and details.

Often, stories can be presented out of chronological order for dramatic effect. This is successful as long as events are eventually tied together, and conflicts are resolved.

What are some characteristics of a book that isn’t ready?
Characters are generic and predictable, and the plot is full of clichés and often unsurprising.

The next element discussed applies mainly to nonfiction titles.
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