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The second element applies mainly to nonfiction titles.

Element #2 of a book that is ready for self‑publishing:

[ Ideas are presented with clarity and consistency ]

This means the main points are distinct and introduced in logical order, and uncommon or confusing terms are explained. Step-by-step instructions or recommendations are provided for achieving the desired goal. Brevity is better than long, clumsy expressions. Content is original.

Transitions, examples, and comparisons are very valuable and helpful to readers.

Chapters are complete in scope and flow smoothly from one to the next and are also connected to the main theme.

What are some characteristics of a book that isn’t ready?
Disorganized, includes vague and disjointed ideas, and contains no call to action. Mainly consists of other people’s ideas and content.

It would be such a shame for your grand ideas to get overlooked or ignored because readers are unable to grasp or implement them. Ideas that may have been so clear to you when you wrote your book might be misunderstood by readers.

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