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Element #3 of a book that is ready for self‑publishing:

[ Content has been through a few rounds of thorough proofreading ]

Basic proofreading scrutinizes grammar, punctuation, spelling, and verb tenses. Any vernacular or foreign words and dialogue needs to be reviewed as well.

You may have heard before that fresh eyes are necessary even after you’ve self-edited your material a few times. This is because once a person has read something several times, especially ideas and thoughts they’ve written, they can become accustomed to the specific wording. It’s easy to miss mistakes that might be obvious to someone else who is not emotionally attached to the material.

What are some characteristics of a book that isn’t ready?

It contains conspicuous spelling, punctuation, capitalization, grammar, and tense usage errors. Titles, headings, or important words and tags are missing. For example, speech tags are important because they introduce dialogue. While they should not be overused, If they are missing completely or not used strategically, this may cause confusion for readers who will constantly be wondering who’s talking.

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