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Element #4 of a book that is ready for self‑publishing:

[ Writing is descriptive and engaging ]

This means the book paints a sharp picture of each scene, and sparks readers’ imaginations.

Actions are described precisely, facial expressions are easy to picture, and vocabulary is diverse and rich.

Any humor used matches the characters’ personalities and is relatable rather than cheesy or unoriginal. Speech tags contribute to character emotions or physical actions whenever possible.

What are some characteristics of a book that isn’t ready?

Vocabulary is generic or over-simplified, and writing includes too much repetition and a disproportionate amount of dialogue compared to actual storytelling.

A common misconception that authors often have is thinking that if they manage to sell copies initially, that’s all they have to worry about. However, books that are full of errors or those that readers find boring and confusing attract the wrong kind of attention. In this digital age, unsatisfied readers will be sure to leave negative feedback online on Amazon or wherever the book is sold, likely preventing additional sales.

On the other hand, satisfied book fans are devoted creatures and will frequently promote their favorite titles and authors both online and by word of mouth.

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