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What's next?

Throughout this series, I have discussed several key elements of a publication‑ready book.

Two remaining elements necessary before publication include:
[ #8 An eye-catching cover, and #9 A literary agent ]

If you decide to create your own book cover, I suggest coming up with a few different designs and asking for people’s feedback. The cover is the first thing a buyer sees online, especially if they’re just browsing and aren’t searching for a specific title or by author.

If you’d like to hire an artist, I recommend browsing books online for covers that appeal to you, that grab your attention, and make you want to read the book, especially in the same genre that you write in. Look in the listing description or preview to see if the cover artist is credited, and if not, find the author’s page and contact them for the information.

Whichever route you take, the text on the cover (front/back/spine) MUST be edited.

Finding a literary agent for your book is highly recommended but can often be difficult and requires caution and patience. An agent will help you narrow down your best audience, genre and geographic market.

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