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Editor, current and former small business owner, undergraduate holding a two-year degree, blog writer, avid reader, native English speaker. Over 20 years of related business, academic and personal experience. 

My freelance editing business was born as a side job while traveling the U.S. as a passenger on an 18-wheeler for three months in the spring and summer of 2015. Now that I’m off the road, my business has grown through a variety of avenues. I have a solid background in editing and proofreading and enjoy helping clients produce the quality work they need.

My passion is to enable clients to communicate their words and ideas in the most appealing way.  I will use my rabid critiquing skills to hunt down and correct spelling, grammar, repetition, punctuation, usage, style and syntax glitches. Feel free to request a quote for your next project. 

Karolyn H