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Main Services:

  • PROOFREADING: spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization, pronouns, spacing, verb-tense and basic formatting consistency.
  • COPYEDITING: (includes proofreading) eliminate redundant words, adjust sentence and paragraph structure, replace repetitive words with synonyms, and substitute weak words, phrases, and sentences with stronger alternatives while keeping original tone
  • EXTENSIVE REWRITING for ESL (English as second language) content
  • DATA ENTRY into an Excel spreadsheet. This includes data from a simple text file, RTF document, Word document or clear image.
  • FILE CONVERSIONS: Text to PDF, Word to PDF, PDF to Word.

Services offered along with proofreading and editing, but not individually:

    • Fiction books: Feedback about characterization, plot, pacing, setting, dialogue, craft, and overall impression.
    • Nonfiction books: Feedback about tone, audience, details, logical order, content, format, structure and overall impression.
  • Formatting
    • Minor formatting: indents, spacing, paragraphs, alignment, font size, bulleted lists
    • Advanced formatting: outlines, styles, table of contents, headers, footers, sections.
    • Citation formatting
  • Related topic and term research, alphabetizing
  • Minor fact-checking: names, quotes, media titles

Project types:

  • ENGLISH DOCUMENTS including eBooks, books, novels, manuals, blogs, articles, college essays and reports, letters, speeches, brochures, lists, proposals, emails, poetry.
    • Word docs (I use Track Changes)
    • OpenOffice files will be converted to Word
    • Documents can also be in scanned (legible) written form,
      please note when contacting me.
    • PowerPoint presentations
    • Excel spreadsheets
  • ENGLISH WEBSITE CONTENT including text, content in rotating images, pop-up content, link titles, link checking (source code not included).
    • Content pasted into Word or OpenOffice doc
    • URLs only (additional fee to create Word doc)

I have worked with American English, British English and Australian English and am familiar with their variations. 

I do not provide content creation. I DO provide rewriting and rephrasing.
I do not offer ghostwriting or product reviews.
I do not write college papers or complete academic assignments.
–I DO provide extensive essay / thesis / paper editing.
I do not offer website design and creation. I DO provide website content editing.