Please review these terms and conditions before contacting me about Copyediting or Proofreading services.

After your initial contact through this site, we will discuss your service needs, desired turnaround time, my availability and quote. Following this, I will send an invoice and Client Agreement. Invoices for amounts of less than $150.00 are required to be paid in full, up front, regardless of how soon or far out your project is scheduled. For invoices of $150.00 or more, half of the balance is required up front, and the second half received on or before the file delivery date. I reserve the right to decline a proposed project if I feel it is not well suited to me. You are also under no obligation to accept any offer.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When you send either a full or partial invoice payment, this indicates your agreement to all terms and conditions detailed in the Client Agreement. Please read it carefully and contact me before paying if you have any concerns. My Client Agreement is clear and uncomplicated -- no gobbledygook.

Often, projects will need to be scheduled weeks in advance, or extra time allowed for travel or unforeseen disruptions. Contacting me as soon as possible is best, even if you're not yet done writing, so that I can schedule time for your project and discuss deadlines and expectations. Please tell me about any restrictions or deadlines you may have as well. Rush jobs are occasionally available; you’re always welcome to ask, but they are never guaranteed. Once your initial payment is received, my time is reserved for your project.

Accepted payment methods include debit, credit and PayPal. All payments are processed securely through PayPal (account not required). I will send an invoice that states the expected delivery timeframe. Invoices will be valid for a few days, after which, they will expire if not paid. In that case, we will simply need to reschedule my time. Upon your request, I will send you a second invoice.

All projects need to be submitted in Microsoft Word format (.doc or .docx), attached to an email. I edit using Word’s "Track Changes" feature, and include side comments when applicable. If you do not know how to use the "Track Changes" feature, let me know right away. Additional feedback is delivered as a separate file. *If your file is in OpenOffice or PDF format, I will accept it and convert it to Word for editing, but will not be responsible for any formatting loss.

If I have necessary questions regarding clarification of ideas or intent throughout the editing process, I’ll email you. Please respond to my specific questions as thoroughly as possible.

If you make changes to your manuscript after your original submission and would like to replace portions of it, please contact me immediately. If I have not yet begun editing your project, then I'd be happy to accept the new content. If I have already begun editing, then I will accept replacement portions or chapters that I have not yet touched. Any revisions to portions that I've already touched would be considered an addition to our contract. Schedule permitting, I would send an invoice for the additional editing time required and accept the new content. If there are substantial changes to portions that I've already touched, then the job may need to be rescheduled.

Once I’ve completed project editing, I’ll send the edited file(s) to you as a Word document(s). Revisions by the author MUST be made in the edited file or a copy of the edited file. After reviewing and addressing ALL of my edits and comments, if you have any questions or comments about them, please send them in the same email with your saved, revised copy of the manuscript. I will respond within 48 hours. Following this, feel free to contact me anytime with further revisions, however, my replies will be limited to once or twice daily.

Often, my comments in the initial delivered document will suggest rewriting or possibly adding new content. You are not obligated to follow my suggestions, however, this is part of the service I provide. If you’d like me to review or edit rewritten content or added portions of new content, I will provide revisions TOTALING 1000 WORDS OR LESS AT NO EXTRA COST. Revisions of MORE THAN 1000 WORDS will be considered an additional job and subject to availability in my schedule. NEW CHARGES will be based only on the word count of the rewritten or added content (not the word count of the entire book).

I do not offer refunds, once I have already begun editing. If you request a refund before I start editing your project, and within one week of payment, then I will be happy to refund your deposit within seven days of receiving your refund request. If you decide not to pay the second half of the project balance, for whatever reason, then you will receive half of the completed project (non-negotiable). You are welcome to pay for completion and delivery of the second half of the project at a later date, subject to availability in my schedule.

Please be aware that I cannot guarantee successful or lucrative publication. I DO guarantee that I will provide dedicated and accurate editing services along with honest and specific feedback as promised. My goal is to significantly improve and enhance your writing in preparation for self-publishing while protecting your ideas, intent and tone.

Your work will never be shared or distributed to anyone, period, without your express permission. Likewise, I will only use your content for the purpose of providing editing and proofreading services. In addition, your personal details, including contact information, email address, and personal communications will be kept private and never shared, sold, or rented at any time.

One to three times a year I send emails to clients about specials or availability. On a monthly basis, I post a quote (1-3 sentences) from one or more recently finished projects on my writing blog, giving full author credit. **If you choose to request exclusion from either activity, please notify me.

After the job is complete, I may ask if you’d like to write a review of my services. This is completely optional, of course. If you choose to do so, then it will be posted on my website, along with your name (first name only or both, whichever you prefer) and country.

I reserve the right to update these Terms periodically. Updates will not apply to previously made contracts. -- Last updated: August 9, 2018